What We Do

Elysian Insurance Services is an outsourcing company providing data and analytical services to stakeholders within the insurance marketplace.  Our experience lies predominantly within the mutual marine insurance industry niche, but has also been extended into non-marine liability areas.

Our core business involves:

  • Industry-wide and niche market analytics and report writing for clients
  • Newsletters and other marketing materials on behalf of clients
  • Compilation and provision of data for clients who prefer to author their own reports
  • One-off reports regarding specific underwriters/contracts
  • One-off reports comparing specified underwriters
  • Speaking at internal and external conferences and training sessions

Our data, which spans both individual club and industry-wide financial performance, covers the past 20 years and potentially further back for select requirements.  Scientia potentia est.

In addition, we have undertaken one-off reviews in connection with performance under delegated underwriting authorities on behalf of insurers, reinsurers and banks.